Anonymous asked: Hey i was wondering if you mixed your paint for Eridan's shirt because i couln't find the right color Dx I have (Tulip Deep Red and Tulip Purple) colors but i dont know if i can mix them right to get the right color halp!


Yeah man, mix it up. I mix fabric paint all the time, even mix different brands together and stuff, just experiment with what works! I think I used red and blue screen printing ink to make that purple. Colors don’t always mix well with fabric medium so it takes trial and error. Good luck!

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Azzy discovered there’s a Bee Movie game for PS2 yesterday and laughed until she cried. (The sweet Free cosplayer sharing in the moment is our pal Leaux.)

This nearly destroyed us, it was almost Game Over on day one.
[EDIT: Let it be known that when we returned to the shop later, it was gone.]

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The wholesome and appropriate adventures of Clear and Aoba at Matsuricon 2014.

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 ”Twelve shots…this time, I’ve got twelve shots.”

Went to eBay and got these adorable squirt guns, painted em up.

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batmanjammies asked: OK AND I would be doing my first cosplay come October and I really have no idea where to start at all... I really want to do a fancy Kurloz derse dreamer thing, but like....where start?


Hi there! My advice for getting out of the gate would be creating a costume from mostly altered clothing. The thrift store is a costumer’s best friend, you can find some treasures. Even if you intend to sew the finished outfit with new fabric, using old clothes to make a pattern to fit yourself is a good place to start. A dreamer outfit would be tricky and time consuming, but its all in the details, right? There are so many crazy talented Homestuck cosplayers out there, and a lot of great tutorials to work from so you aren’t alone in this at all. The best part is, a lot of people have worked out multiple ways to do the same things, so you can pick a method that suits your needs. This is an old tutorial I wrote about doing a plain old Eridan costume, it is the only troll-related how-to I’ve written, but maybe it can be of some use. GOOD LUCK oh man, cosplay is a struggle but it is so worth it.

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Back from Hallwaycon 2014 

We managed to get some good shots of our CCS cosplays, just before running out of there asap to go home and play video games…..

Leaux as Touya, myself as Syaoran, my awesome niece Sierra as Sakura~

We were 90’s anime today

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Tomoeda High School swag

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Special announcement! →


We’re introducing what We’re calling our “Super Referral Pre-Reg Bonus Desu” (working, and slightly irrelevant title). 
It’s pretty simple. You refer your friends to the con and get them to pre-register, they register and put your name down, and the person who refers the most people by the first day of the con will get their badge completely comped! Free badge! The only rule is that you also have to be pre-registered in order to win.
Everybody likes free stuff, right? Yeah, I’d say most people do anyway. So that’s that. 


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baby’s first SHITTT appliqué thingg whyy 

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When: January 30th - Feb 1stWhere: Hyatt and Columbus Convention CenterTheme: MMORPG
Get your game on.

It falls on my birthday again, as it did in ancient times.



When: January 30th - Feb 1st
Where: Hyatt and Columbus Convention Center

Get your game on.

It falls on my birthday again, as it did in ancient times.

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ziews asked: hello! I was wondering if you could go a bit more in depth about how you made the front part of the silver skirt on your thorin dress? like such things as how big you made the cut outs, how did you give them that silvery metal accent, etc etc?


To create the scale pattern seen in the original art, I ironed down a bunch of ‘armor scale’ stencils cut out of freezer paper and then made a metallic fabric paint solution to airbrush across that entire front panel [see this post].


The paint itself was a mix of white Jacquard fabric paint and silver metallic spray-on fabric paint, blended with water so it would airbrush on very light and not be absorbed in underneath the stencils.

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